Compassion Donation Info

This promotion is sponsored. If you choose to donate, My Worship Store may receive a small commission, at zero additional cost to you.

My Worship Store LLC is passionate about the global ministry of Compassion International. Since 2002, our founder has personally sponsored 12 kids in Compassion’s child-centered program.


That’s why we’ve pledged to donate 1% of your purchases* to help Compassion release more children from poverty in Jesus’ name. (It might not seem like much, but Amazon Smile’s charity donation was only 0.5%, and that program has ended). Together, we can make a difference!


Learn more about Compassion’s ministry or make a personal (tax-deductible) donation directly (link is sponsored).

* Donations are based on the total purchase price, including tax and shipping. Please note that this amount is NOT eligible for your personal tax deductions because we are making the donations from our own revenue. At this time, we are unable to display the cumulative donations generated from your orders.