Blended Worship 101

NEW BOOK – Blended Worship 101

Planning Music for All Generations Without Starting a Worship War

•  Is your congregation currently singing only hymns?

•  Have you tried using contemporary songs in the past, but it didn’t seem to work?

•  Do you currently use blended worship music, but it isn’t going well?

•  Are you burned out with multiple services divided by music style?

•  Would you like to consolidate to one service so everyone can worship together?

•  Do you want to improve your worship planning skills?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this book is for you!

Blended Worship 101 is easy to read. It’s filled with practical musical examples for your
band, singers and worship planners that are time tested. I highly recommend this
insightful and helpful resource for creating worship that is relevant, honoring to God and
well-crafted for your unique church community.”

Mark Hayes headshot

– Mark Hayes, Composer/Arranger

  “A highly readable, practical, and useful book for leaders at a variety of skill levels.”

Keith Cogburn headshot

—  Dr. Keith L. Cogburn, Pastor and Director of Missions (Retired)

This book offers expert guidance on how to plan effective worship services using both contemporary and traditional music. Several leading influencers in the world of worship music and church leadership were interviewed by the author, including renowned songwriter Stuart Townend (“In Christ Alone,” “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”). Their valuable insights and tips are shared throughout the book.


•  The benefits of a blended music approach

•  Common mistakes to avoid

•  How to overcome resistance to change

•  How to introduce and reinforce new songs

•  How to modernize hymns

•  How to create smooth transitions

•  And more!

  Includes a FREE 12-week “Done for You” worship planning guide!  

CONTRIBUTORS (in alphabetical order):

Branon Dempsey

Bob Kauflin

Matt Merker

Dr. Roger O’Neel

Dr. Mark D. Roberts

Stuart Townend

Don Wyrtzen